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Welcome to the BMS Therapy Blog!

Updated: Apr 24

Hi, I’m Brittany!

I started this blog to provide additional information and resources to families throughout the Chicagoland Area!

Here's some of the topics that you can expect when you check out this blog:

  • Fun and FUNCTIONAL activities to develop strong speech and language skills.

  • Useful information regarding literacy, learning, and special education support.

  • Community based resources that are available for all children and families

  • Information regarding speech and language developmental milestones and warning signs

I also share information and resources on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Feel free to stop by, follow, and share our page and posts!

In addition to providing therapy services, I am passionate about entrepreneurship and it’s possibilities! I aim to increase representation, access, and support to women of color entering into the field of Speech Pathology and private practice.

If you're a SLP and interested in pursuing private practice or collaboration, I'd love to chat further! Send me an email or message me on IG!

“Talk” to you soon!


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