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BMS Pediatric Therapy Group provides early intervention, speech and language therapy, and parent coaching services to families in the Chicago, IL area. Our sessions may take place in your home or online via our teletherapy platform.



Our process begins with an in-depth evaluation. We gather information from caregivers, teachers, standardized assessments, medical records, and observations to develop a deep understanding of your child's strengths, communication preferences, and challenges. Our speech and language evaluations focus on the following areas: 

  • Receptive and Expressive Language

  • Social Skills and Pragmatics

  • Speech Sound Production

  • Oral-Motor Functioning

  • Voice Quality

  • Fluency and Stuttering

  • Academic Skills

After the evaluation is complete, you will receive a written report, and we will schedule a follow-up meeting to share our findings and recommendations which may also include referrals to other professionals such as a hearing screening. At that time, we will also work together to create a therapy plan with goals that are important to your family, and we will schedule your child’s first therapy session.


We provide family-centered therapy services that are uniquely tailored to your child’s needs. Therapy sessions will focus on helping your child meet their goals through a combination of evidence-based approaches and engaging activities, such as:

  • Pretend play activities

  • Motivating and interactive games

  • Virtual learning activities 

  • Common daily activities and routines

  • Academic activities, such as spelling lists, reading passages, and vocabulary words


We save time at the end of our therapy sessions to share about your child’s progress, offer helpful strategies or resources, and allow you to ask questions. We may also provide you with activities for home practice which focus on helping your child apply new skills during their daily routines. Our goal is to teach skills in therapy that translate into "real life" activities!

Speech Therapy

Child with speech sound disorder in speech therapy

We can help your child learn new speech sounds and speak fluently. Our sessions combine play activities, literacy-based activities, and research-based strategies to help your child communicate with confidence! 

Speech therapy may help your child:

  • Use age-appropriate sounds

  • Speak with improved clarity

  • Decrease frustration from not being understood

  • Use strategies to reduce moments of stuttering 

  • Self-monitor their speech to correct sound errors and speak fluently

  • Repair communication breakdowns


Language Therapy

We can help your child strengthen their social language skills and become a proficient learner in every subject! Our intervention approaches are proven to help children of all ages understand and appropriately use language in their social and academic environments. 

Language therapy may help your child:

  • Understand and use new vocabulary words 

  • Use grammatically correct sentences

  • Improve reading and literacy skills

  • Understand reading passages and spoken directions

  • Engage in meaningful conversations

  • Use comprehension strategies like visualization or visual imagery

  • Understand higher-level language, like humor, figurative language, and indirect requests

  • Functionally communicate using an AAC device

Toddler playing in language therapy

Early Intervention & Parent Coaching

Early intervention and parent coaching for late talkers

Parents, caregivers, and guardians are encouraged to participate in play-based sessions with their 6-month to 3-year-old child! Our early intervention services are designed to take place in your home so that we can work on communication skills during daily routines. Using proven strategies, our parent coaching services will help you confidently stimulate and foster your child’s language skills at home!

Early intervention services may help your child:

  • Communicate with less frustration

  • Produce their first words

  • Use functional language 

  • Interact with family, friends, and peers

  • Develop play skills 

  • Use gestures, signs, or a language device (AAC device) to communicate

  • Gain pre-literacy skills as a foundation for reading


Teletherapy... a convenient solution to fitting therapy into busy schedules!

BMS Pediatric Therapy Group provides teletherapy services through a secure, HIPAA compliant platform. Teletherapy allows our services to be provided from a distance without compromising quality. Teletherapy also allows parents and caregivers to be more involved in their child’s services. Parents are able to observe the techniques our therapists use which can be utilized throughout the rest of their child’s weekly activities.

Increased family involvement and collaboration
Learn skills in your child's environment
No commute or travel expenses (parking, tolls, etc.)
Allows for completion of activities throughout the week
Provides children with fun and engaging digital activities
Convenient and flexible scheduling
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