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Explore Chicago: A Summer Guide to Destinations that Offer Children Communication Opportunities

Summer is finally here, and it's the perfect time for families to step out and explore our vibrant city of Chicago. Of course, as speech-language pathologists, our team loves finding local destinations that offer children communication opportunities!

Thankfully, Chicago offers an array of exciting destinations that entertain and provide ample chances for children to develop and enhance their speech and language skills. Use this guide to some of our favorite places to turn summer days into learning adventures.

Chicago Hot Spots that Offer Children Fun Communication Growth Opportunities

Located in the heart of Lincoln Park, the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is a fantastic place for families to delve into the wonders of nature while engaging in meaningful communication. From interactive exhibits on wildlife and habitats to hands-on exploration of the outdoor gardens, this museum offers endless opportunities for children to observe, ask questions, and describe what they see. Encourage your little ones to engage in conversations about different animals, their characteristics, and the environment they live in. The museum hosts various educational programs and events throughout the summer.

Situated on Navy Pier, the Chicago Children's Museum is a beloved destination for families seeking both fun and educational experiences. With its interactive exhibits and stimulating play areas, this museum encourages children to engage in imaginative play, problem-solving, and collaboration—all while strengthening their communication skills. Encourage your child to describe their activities, engage in pretend play, and interact with other children. The museum also hosts workshops and storytime sessions that further enhance language development. And after a day at the museum, grab an ice cream cone, and hop on the Centennial Wheel to view our famous skyline (another great topic of conversation with your kids!).

Millennium Park, a Chicago icon, offers more than breathtaking views and green spaces. It's an ideal location for families to enjoy outdoor activities while fostering communication growth. From the Crown Fountain's interactive water features to the whimsical Cloud Gate sculpture, known as "The Bean," there are plenty of conversation starters for parents and children. Encourage your child to describe the art installations, play "I Spy" games, and engage in open-ended discussions about their perceptions. Additionally, the park hosts various family-friendly events, including concerts and festivals, creating opportunities for children to listen to music and participate in group activities.

Currently celebrating 150 years of bringing literacy to the city, The Chicago Public Library system offers an incredible range of resources and activities for families throughout the summer. Not only can you borrow books to support language development, but many libraries also host storytime sessions, craft workshops, and interactive performances. Encourage your child to actively participate, answer questions, and share their thoughts during these events. Attending library programs helps children develop listening skills, vocabulary, and comprehension while connecting with peers in a language-rich environment.

For an exciting and educational adventure, visit the Lincoln Park Zoo. As you explore this world-class zoo, encourage your child to name and describe the different animals they see. Ask questions about their habitats, eating habits, and distinctive features. The zoo offers scheduled animal feedings and presentations, providing further opportunities for children to converse with zookeepers and learn more about the animals' behaviors. The beautiful outdoor setting also allows families to engage in meaningful discussions while appreciating nature.

Boost your child’s speech and language by visiting Chicago destinations that offer children communication opportunities this summer.

Chicago is a city filled with countless attractions that not only entertain but also create rich communication opportunities for families. The Windy City offers many immersive experiences where children can develop their speech, language, and social skills, from museums to parks, libraries, and zoos.

And if you think your child may benefit from speech or language intervention, we’d invite you to contact us for a complimentary consultation. We offer convenient in-home or online pediatric therapy services to help children in Chicago reach their highest potential.



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